Posted on Jun 13, 2021

RxMedical Massage Anchorage

Knots in your muscles💪? We can help with that (and we’ll try and avoid making you cry😢(we promise)). We’re basically a medical office that provides treatments that make you feel like you’ve been to the best day spa. Odds are you’ll feel a little naughty when you leave, only because you’ve been trained to think of healthcare as an unpleasant activity, and we make medical treatments feel Great! At RxMedical Massage, we are trying to change the perception of what a trip to the doctor feels like, one glorious massage treatment at a time. Let us work out all your knots, and odds are good that you’ll walk out with a great big smile on your face.😊Your tight muscles may be the cause of any painful health condition. We see it all the time, migraine headaches disappear when the correct muscles are relaxed with a little time on the treatment table. Fibromyalgia relief increases over the course of focussed sessions. TMJ/TMD relief is achieved by means of targeting specific muscles in the head and neck. The need for carpal tunnel surgery is eliminated. All these and many more benefits from the old practice of eliminating knotted muscles with massage therapy. We’re here to massage Anchorage into a better state of health.
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