Posted on Oct 28, 2020

RxMedical Massage Anchorage

All the happy faces😁 leaving our office, perfectly shows how everyBody loves😍 our massage therapists. How long has it been since you’ve felt the relief of a high grade massage at our office? Don’t wait for your body to scream at you in pain before you come in for a treatment you know you’ll love. It’s not like we’re making you do hard exercise, our massage therapists are happy😀 to do all the work. Maybe you’ve been in for headache treatments in the past, or hip pain, or low back pain, but don’t stop there. Sure, we’ll be happy to help you if those symptoms return, but we can help with so many other areas. If you’re not sure that we treat a condition you or a friend has, just ask⁉️Research is showing that massage therapy has a positive effect on everything the researchers test its benefit for.
We’re trying to massage Anchorage into better health one body at a time.
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