Posted on Oct 29, 2020

RxMedical Massage Anchorage

The most common type of facial pain is Occluso-muscle pain, most commonly known as a major part of TMJ pain / TMD pain. Your dentist should be referring you to a quality massage therapy office (like ours) to get relief.

Almost all headaches🤕, including migraine headaches have a muscular component contributing to the pain symptoms. Decreasing the tonicity of the muscles in the head and neck will decrease headache frequency, duration, and intensity.

Neck pain can have a lot of different factors to differentiate the origins of the cause of pain, but all types of neck pain have muscles involves, and massage can help decrease and eliminate the pain.

Low Back pain has been the most common pain reported to healthcare professionals for a long time. And massage therapists💆‍♀️ have been providing low back pain relief for an even longer time. If you suffer from low back pain, including sciatica, and you have not been prescribed massage as part of your treatment, you need to give our office a call. We’re your full service Anchorage massage therapy office, providing the most enjoyable treatment you can imagine.
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