Posted on Jun 15, 2021

RxMedical Massage Anchorage

There are a lot of reasons your neck and shoulders become tight and sore. Whiplash from an auto🚘 accident is an easily spotted trigger of neck pain that can benefit from some focused massage therapy treatments. But, not all causes of neck pain are as obvious as a vehicle accident. Technology🖥 is an ever increasing cause of pain symptoms. Over the last several years smartphones📲 have become more prevalent in our daily lives. Along with their increased popularity, an increased amount of “tech neck” has followed along with the increased time spent looking at all those portable screens. The time spent on our portable devises is also increasing as they become more usable for every activity, which increases the symptoms of Tech-Neck. Those symptoms can be treated to great effect with some focussed muscle work. There are several causes of neck pain, from car accidents to using a smartphone, and everything in between, and all those symptoms can benefit from skilled treatments. We happen to know a great place to get that work done.
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